C&T Consulting Services is a Texas-based IT management and consulting firm providing a wide variety of IT services in support of both commercial business and government activities. Since our inception in 1982, we have developed a reputation for being able to provide comprehensive solutions in a variety of hardware and software environments. Our ability to respond to clients' staffing requirements with limited notice at competitive prices has earned C&T Consulting a loyal client base.

  • Helps establish good Client/Customer relationships
  • Provides Information Technology solutions
  • Reengineers large network processes
  • Provides cost effective quality services
  • Provides services unique to mission critical needs

Our objective is to optimize our clients’ performance and productivity through the use of our carefully qualified professionals. Solid interpersonal and listening skills, along with appropriate educational background and a varied experience, are the "common denominator" of our technical staff, who typically hold advance degrees and have worked extensively in IT systems development and/or management capacities. At C&T Consulting, we take pride in presenting to our clients highly qualified and seasoned professionals that have the expertise unique to your Business. We have the resources specialized in the skill set required by a client, and are ready to meet your business needs.



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